Welcome to Cross Fire, a doujinshi based on the anime and manga series Hellsing. This one, however, focuses not on the Hellsing organization but their enemies and rivals, respectively, Millennium and Iscariot.

If you're new to Hellsing or have straight-out never heard of it and have no idea what I just said, go here for some more basic information. 

On that note, if you're not aware of this fact already, Millennium is a Nazi organization, so this comic will have depictions of swastikas and such. These are shown completely in parody, however. We do not support actual nazism.

This comic updates every other week. I'd really love to do it more often, but I just don't have time ^^;

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03/26/05 - Starting back up! I'll be going through the archives and refining them. I'm not going to update as often, but they'll at least be quality updates.  First new update will probably be Sat April 2nd.


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